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We are proud to offer many engaging events to which the faculty, staff, and students of Southeastern are cordially invited. Each event is intentionally designed to provoke deeper appreciation for the semester's book and author, allowing for personal involvement and conversations to occur concerning the concepts professed in the Common Read. Click Here to watch the live stream of Common Read author Danielle Evans.

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Current Reading

"Indeed, the nine short chapters tell a very straightforward quest story, and Herrera plants dangerous criminals and vigilant border patrollers around every corner. But it’s the imagery, by turns moving and nightmarish, that makes this brief book memorable . . . This is a haunting book that delivers a strange, arresting experience." -Publishers Weekly

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Student Involvement

You know that paper that you poured your heart and soul into? Your Professor even wrote some compliments on it. You can either stick it to your fridge, or you can submit to the Common Read. Each semester, the Common Read committee selects the best of the submitted student writings. We are just waiting to hear from you!

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Get Involved

All students reading the common text as part of a Southeastern class, including Dual Enrollment classes, are invited to share their work.  The work must be original and approved by the classroom teacher. Students can submit ideas as individuals or in groups. Presentations can be in the form of stories, comic, paper, music, video, PowerPoint, poster, art, dance, or dramatic form.

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About Southeastern Common Read

Beginning in Spring 2008 with Valerie Martin's Mary Reilly, the Common Read Program at Southeastern has invited students and faculty in English classes to read a common text that facilitates growth and wide-ranging discussion. 

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