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Legal and Funding

Facsimile and Edition

This online edition of The Book of Margery Kempe is a project of Southeastern Louisiana University and Humanities Online, both under the direction of the university's Department of English.

All images of London, British Library MS Add. 61823 are courtesy of the British Library Board, and freely available on this site as materials in the Public Domain under the terms specified by the Creative Commons.

All transcripts of London, British Library MS Add. 61823 are made by Joel Fredell, and freely available on this site as materials in the Public Domain under the terms specified by the Creative Commons.

Wynkyn de Worde Pamphlet

All images from Cambridge University Library Sel.5.27, "Here begynneth a shorte treatyse of contemplacyon taught by our lorde Ihesu cryste / or taken out of the boke of Margerie kempe of lynn." are © Cambridge University Library.

Funding Support

The Kempe project is indebted to the following agencies for funding to digitize London, British Library MS Additional 61823; to train staff in XML encoding, XSLT programming, and web development; and to support server and staff infrastructure for the Kempe website:

Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund Undergraduate Enhancement Subprogram
LEQSF(2009-10)-ENH-UG-35, LEQSF(2012-13)-ENH-UG-26

Louisiana Board of Regents Support FundAwards to Louisiana Artists and Scholars Subprogram


Showcase was created by Charles W. Borchers, IV exclusively for The Book of Margery Kempe and The Early Ruskin Manuscripts 1826–1842, Digital Humanities projects of Southeastern Louisiana University's Department of English. The author and University have agreed to make the software freely available for noncommercial and academic use under Creative Commons license. They request their names be credited wherever the software is used, including in any derivative works. Use constitutes acknowledgement of these conditions.


PROTOtypeR is © by its author, Charles W. Borchers, IV, and may not be modified or copied without his express permission. Use of PROTOtypeR constitutes acknowledgement of this copyright and of the software's conditions of use.

Andron Scriptor Web

The Andron Scriptor Web font used by this project is a special edition of Andreas Stötzner’s Andron Font Project, financed by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Bergen. It has been issued to support scholarly editing in medieval philological studies and is provided free of charge. The creator and the provider of the font, Andreas Stötzner and the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative (MUFI), have to be credited in colophons of works which utilize the font. Any alteration to the font, including its contents, disposition, glyph shapes, and/or name, is a violation of international copyright law and therefore strictly prohibited. If enhancements and/or improvements to the font are desired, these should be forwarded to MUFI for consideration in future updates of the font. Andron is a trademark of Andreas Stötzner, and its design is © by Andreas Stötzner, all rights reserved.

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