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Andron Scriptor Web

Andron Scriptor Web is a special edition of Andreas Stötzner‚Äôs Andron Font Project, financed by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Bergen. It has been issued to support scholarly editing in medieval philological studies and is provided free of charge. The creator and the provider of the font, Andreas Stötzner and the Medieval Unicode Font Initiative (MUFI), have to be credited in colophons of works which utilize the font. Any alteration to the font, including its contents, disposition, glyph shapes, and/or name, is a violation of international copyright law and therefore strictly prohibited. If enhancements and/or improvements to the font are desired, these should be forwarded to MUFI for consideration in future updates of the font.

An Embedded OpenType (EOT) variant of the font was created (and is, currently, maintained) by this project with the permission of the creator.

The font can be downloaded here.

Andron is a trademark of Andreas Stötzner, and its design is © Andreas Stötzner.



PROTOtypeR is a Web‐based tool for rapidly "prototyping" medieval characters and abbreviations, as well as testing a font's support for select characters.

Currently, the tool works only with the Andron Scriptor Web font, but the tool's developer, this project's own Charles W. Borchers, IV, is actively working to build into the tool support for other, selectable fonts.


Showcase is this project's premier tool for "showcasing" high‐resolution manuscript facsimiles and their scholarly transcriptions. Employing a minimalistic design and a powerful feature set, the tool continues to be developed by its author, Charles W. Borchers, IV, for Southeastern Louisiana University's Digital Humanities Program and Humanities Online, of which this project is part. The software leverages recent advances in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScripting (jQuery), as well as embedded fonts stored and maintained on its own server, to ensure a consistent and quality cross-browser experience for users while preserving their freedom to choose how they come to that experience—be it from a desktop PC or a mobile device.

The version of Showcase used by this project was adapted for The Book of Margery Kempe.

Universities and colleges interested in adapting Showcase for their own projects are encouraged to contact the author.


TextCrawler is a powerful and light‐weight tool for searching for and replacing text strings in multiple files and folders simultaneously. It supports filetype selection to delimit searches, regular expressions for more sophisticated operations, the creation (or import) of find‐and‐replace catalogs for batch operations, results preview, and more. The software is developed by DIgital Volcano and is currently freely available for download on the PC.

This project uses TextCrawler in conjunction with expansive find‐and‐replace catalogs created and maintained in Microsoft Excel and, then, exported to TextCrawler to automate XML encoding (currently, for every one item encoded by a member of our project team, TextCrawler encodes four) and to perform "TXLST"–that is "TextCrawler XLST"– for mock‐up and testing before actual XSLT is performed.

Voyant Tools

Voyant Tools (formerly Voyeur Tools) is a dynamic Web‐based tool for reading and analyzing digital texts. The software is developed by Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell and is part of, a collaborative project to develop and theorize text analysis tools and text analysis rhetoric.

This project usese Voyeur Tools to examine the frequency of words and abbreviations and their variant forms in The Book of Margery Kempe in determining which should be encoded automatically.

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