On p. 1, Ruskin wrote “Vol 1” in a hand that appears contemporary with the manuscript.
Beinecke Library, Yale University. Formerly, the Beinecke kept MS II inside a slipcase entitled “Harry & Lucy, Poems &c,” which contained this Red Book along with others similar to it–MS II, MS III, MS IIIA, and MS IV–when these manuscripts were first purchased (see Note on Provenance). In recent years, the contents have been separated from the slipcase and cataloged . . .
See Note on Provenance: Sotheby’s 1930.
Handmade book of plain paper, no cover; approx. 10 × 16.3 cm; 16 unnumbered leaves; paper watermarked 1825. The booklet was later enclosed in a paper cover that, like the inside covers of the red books, has pasted on it a clipping from Poems (1891) describing MS II, along with brief remarks, possibly in the hand of Alexander Wedderburn. As remarked by this annotator, the cover formed no part of the original booklet.
Script is pencil and ink longhand, varying in control from neat to a wild scrawl; nowhere doesRuskin use his fancy print or copperplate hands.
Body paragraph.
From front of book, the sequential order of contents:
Autumn 1828–spring and probably summer 1829.
Dated “(1828-1829)” on the manuscript in an unknown hand. Misdated first half of 1828 by Collingwood, Poems (4o, 1891), ?:???; Poems (8o, 1891), ?:???; and Ruskin, Works, 1:263.