Blank space on page for possible drawing (MS IX)—As on the first page of the poem about St. Goar, on the first page of the prose the first line is placed significantly below the top of the page, leaving a vertical column measuring approximately nine lines of Ruskinʼs cursive copperplate script. It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that he intended to paste a drawing here, but never produced it, or that he produced a drawing, but it has been removed or lost. At this juncture between the poem and prose account of St. Goar, the Library Edition erroneously situates “a sketch of a town in a large plain, with distant mountains.” This drawing is affixed to p. 44v, not 43v, on which the prose account of St. Goar begins. The editors also erroneously state that, "at this point" in MS VIII, the “rough draft” presents the untitled prose piece beginning “It was a wide and stretchy sweep” (Ruskin, Works, 2:360 n. 1). In MS VIII, this piece is drafted on p. 62r, separated by ten pages and drafts of eight other items, from the prose section on “St. Goar,” which appears on p. 56v (see MS VIII: Contents, section b).

Repeated “and” (MS IX)—A copying error.