“in to“ (MS IX; Works [1903])—In the MS VIII draft, the word is undivided; Ruskin omitted the hyphen indicating word division in order to avoid violating the justification of the right margin.

“sublimity or beauty“ (MS IX; Works [1903])—In the MS VIII draft, “sublimity or immensity“; in MS IX, the space left by Ruskin as if for missing word may indicate that he wrote “beauty“ in place of “immensity“ accidentally, but thought better of revising the error.

Blank space on page for possible drawing (MS IX)—Liège is represented by Ruskinʼs drawing, mounted on the facing page, copied from Proutʼs lithograph of the Palais des Princes‐Évêques. However, there remains a vertical column following the text at the bottom of this page, a blank space measuring approximately seven lines of Ruskinʼs cursive copperplate script; and the verso of the page holding the drawing of Liège is also blank. While it is impossible to prove intention about a space left on a page following the end of a piece of writing, Ruskin was certainly tempted to insert drawings in other such available spaces in MS IX. Either he never produced the intended drawings, however; or he did produce them, but they has been removed or lost.