Patrick Richardson (1774-20 July 1826)
Ruskinʼs uncle by marriage to Jessie Richardson. For his dates, see Viljoen, Ruskinʼs Scottish Heritage, 182, 185.
See the note on Perth for how Patrickʼs profession, tanning, was among the trades on the move in this self‐styled progressive and modernizing city. Allegedly, Patrick boasted of his property with exaggeration; and, according to a canceled passage of Praeterita, his death in 1824 left Ruskinʼs aunt with “a moderate independence, and six children, with whom, leaving the large house and river‐bank garden of Bridge End, she crossed the Tay to Rose Terrace” (Viljoen, Ruskinʼs Scottish Heritage 73–74). The impression of Patrick's extravagance is confirmed by Van Akin Burd, who finds that, in 1818, Patrick paid only the interest on the purchase of the house, which in April 1826 was transferred to the trustees of the estate and sold the following month (Ruskin Family Letters, 101 n. 2).