"Calais" [poem]
The sands are in the sunlight sleeping
The ocean barrier is beating a
Again, again for evermore
Haste the light curlings to the shore,
That from the sand the impression sweep
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Of playful Childhoods daring feet
That seeks within its sandy cell
The pebble bright, or purple shell 1
Far in its clear expanse, lay wide
Unruffledly that ocean‐tide
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Stretching away where paler grew,
he heavens bright unclouded blue.

And far away indistance dying
Old Englands cliffy coast was lying
And beautiful, as summer cloud
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By the low sun empurpled proud
Strange, that a space from shore to shore
So soon, so easily passed oer,
Should yet a wide distinction place
Twixt man and man, twixt race and race
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Sudden and marked the change you find
Religion, language even mind 2
That you might think that narrow span
Marked the varieties of man.