"Cassel" [poem]
The way was long & yet twas sweet
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Thro many a shady soft retreat
Where the broad willow semblance gave
of Weeping Beauty in the Wave
And Elm with massy foliage pressed
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And feathery aspens quivering Crest

And many a spiry poplar glade
And Hazels rich Entangled shade
While onward as advancing still
From Omers plain 1 to Cassells hill 2
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Far yet more far the Landscape threw
Its deep immeasurable Blue
Oh beautiful those plains were showing
Where Summers Sun was hotly glowing
Many a Battle field lay spread
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Once the dark Dwelling of the Dead
But fruitful now their Champaignswave
With bending Grain on soldiers Grave
While far beneath in long array
The priestly orders wound their way 3
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Heavy the massive banners rolled
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Rich wrought with gems and stiff with gold
While as the cross came borne on high
Beneath its crimson canopy
Many the haughty head that bowed
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Sunk his high crest the warrior proud
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T The priest his glance benignant cast
And murmured blessings as he past
While round the hillside echoing free
Rung the loud hymning melody.
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Many a monkish voice was there
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Many a trumpet rent the Aar air
And softer, sweeter, yet the same
The sounds in failing cadence came.
No marvel, that the pomp and pride
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Of Romes religion thus should hide
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The serpent folds beneath that roll
The poison mantling in the bowl 4