"COLOGNE." [poem]
THE noon was past, the sun was low,
Yet still we felt his arid glow;
From the red sand, reflected glare
Deadened the breeze, and fired the air.
The open sky was misty grey;
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The clouds in mighty masses lay,
That, heaped on the horizon high,
Marked Alpine outlines on the sky.
Long had we toiled to gain a brow 1
On which we stood triumphant now,
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While the white mist was certain sign
Where took his course the mighty Rhine.
Hills in the distant haze were seen, 2
And wide expanse of plain between,
Whose desert length, without a tree,
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Was stretched in vast monotony.
We drove adown that hill amain;
We past along the shadeless plain;
Rested we now where, uncontrolled,
The Rhine his bursting billows rolled;
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And ever, ever fierce and free
Bore broadly onward to the sea.