"Description of Skiddaw and Lake Derwent"
 description of skiddaw &
 lake derwent
Skiddaw upon thy heights thesun shines bright
but only for a moment thengives place
Unto a playful loud which onthy brow
Sports wantonly then floatsaway in air
throwing its shadow on thy
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towering height

And darkens for a momentthy green side
But adds unto its beauty as itmakes
the sun more bright when itagain appears
Now hear my boyish moral
Then in the morning on thy
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brow those clouds

Rest as upon a couch and givefair voi

For fancys play. And airy fortresses 1
 and towers battlements andall appear. 2
 chasing the other off and intheir turn
 are chased by the others. But
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 Ive treated of the clouds. 3 nowskiddaw come 4
noble and grand and beutiousclothed with green
and yet but scantily and insome parts
a bare terrific cliff precipitous
descends with only here &
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there a root

a straggler there as tho grow with stonefor earth
straggling as it push its tendonsfrom the cliff

and bare and scraggy as befit the cliff
 Play arretez Oh arretez 5

Hollo papa hollo papa
attend to me what are
 skiddaw derwent water
 Play arretez Oh arretez 5