“All has yielded to it from time immemorial” ["Heidelberg," essay, part 3]
All has yielded to it from time immemorial, a When Marshal
Turenne attacked the castle in question, 1 it was but a touch and go
The foundations being
were blown up, the battlements were knocked
down, the towers snapt like so many sticks of barley sugar,
the statues decapitated, the carving crashed, the ditches filled,
the castle ruined. but the cellars— Walk into them sir,
walk into them. there is not a rat dispossessed or in any manner
disturbed, b Why they seem to have stopped firing puffing off powder
here as if they were afraid of shaking up the lees of the good old respectable
wines, c Even the timbers of the ca
fashionable cask, (which, following
the example of the ladies now adays has gone without hoops) are
not a whit disturbed, but sit there in peaceful placidity, clasping
each other in brotherly affection: but dry very dry unconscionably dry
And the celebrated butt sounds mournfully hollow, 2 no spl rich
splash from the enclosed vinum, 3 no ruby red fo tinging the joints

of the timbers. Oh Bacchus, Bacchus, come not into the cellars
of Heidelberg, lest thou shouldst die of thirst