"Milan Cathedral" [poem]
THE heat of summer day is sped;
On far Mont Rose the sun is red; 1
And mark you Milanʼs marble pile
Glow with the mellow rays awhile!
Lo, there relieved, 2 his front so high
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On the blue sky of Italy!
While higher still above him bear,
And slender in proportion fair,
Fretted with Gothic carving well,
Full many a spiry pinnacle;
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And dazzling bright as Rosaʼs crest,
Each with his sculptured statue prest,
They seem to stand in that thin air
As on a thread of gossamer. 3
You think the evening zephyrʼs play
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Could sweep them from their post away,
And bear them on its sportful wing
As autumn leaves, wild scattering.