"Of various trees a vista green" [poem, incorporated into "Genoa"]
Of various trees a vista green a
streamlet looking down865

Whose living crystal shot between
All trembling with the leafy gleam
And coolly on a high arch span
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The sportive light reflected ran
Thither and thither fast, b and through870
That natural arched avenue
There showed a rich and mighty plain

Rolling its wooded waves away
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And through the stretch of that champaign
A noble river wound its way 1 875
And on the horizon to the north
Pale gleams of icy snow came forth c
From the St Bernards fastnesses,
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White as the wreathed salt sea spray
With the snow wreaths that ever press,880
Upon that heaven girt boundary, 2
Boundary meet for Italy,
Most meet for such a lovely clime,
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As it looks oer Marengos sea, 3
Unto the Apennine.885
Tis sweet a topmost mountain ridge,
Impatiently to climb,
And there to stand and dream away,
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A little space of time. 4