The sun is
low on Salzas silver deep

Broad loomed the lofty city in its sleep
Dome over dome in arched array was set
Spire over spire and sparkling minaret,
How red you saw the swarthy sunset shine
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St Ruperts mighty marble shrine

Rich with the spoils of many a Hartzwald mine
Crag heaped poised on crag, with each its battlement
Fortress reared its dark and huge ascent a

From its foundation lifted like a cloud,
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Silent and
But moveless
But moveless—
changeless, beautifully proud,

Shadow imbued with sunbeams like a veil,
Clasps the wide city, wreathes its outlines pale
And mingles roof with roof and tower with towr,
Twilights soft magic brooding oer the hour,
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Mysterious beauty upon all seen there
And all unseen, imagined passing fair.
Oh what can break the still, at even shed,
Just as the sun displays his parting red
There is no sound that comes not sweetly by
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When the last lights upon the landscape die,
Loud shouts
 Low chaunts
Low chaunts the fisher where the waters pour,

  And murmuring voices come along the shore,
And many a plash of wave upon the side,
Of yon dark boat that slumbers on the tide
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And there are sounds from city & from hill
Shore, forest, flood, & field, yet all
seems still.

I left the shore, and ere the nights descent
Through huge St Ruperts massive portal went,
Full many a marble there of changing hue,
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Chiselled & fretted, walled the temple through
Successive altars lit with incensed flame
Rose through the chapels, none without a name
And the worn pavement every shrine before
Of long devotion certain witness bore
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And there was many a statue nobly wrought
And many a sta painting from the southward brought
Planned by those master minds, that ever stand
The life, the glory, of their native land
And, as hard rock, that mid some softer stone,
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Stands from the rest, unbuttressed, & alone
A bulwark, rears its iron strength for aye,
The weaker
while soft
crag around it wears away, b

So shall their memory lift itself at last,
Forth from the ruins of the aeras past
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So, like some lofty beacon, constant shine,
Distinctly seen amid
glowing thro
the mist of time

The vesper hymn was singing, as the night
Rolled round the temple, veiling from the sight
The mighty dome so high and heavenward piled
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Beneath whose concave slumbers Scotlands child
The Good St Rupert, & full silently
Star after
was scattered on the sky

And I forgot the city, as I gazed
Where thousand worlds through all the midnight blazed,
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And I held through them commune with the heaven.