"Spring: Blank Verse"
 spring blank verse
What beauties 1 spring thou hastthe waving lilac
and the stiff tall peach with roselikeflowers
with yellow corchorus 2 and with nectronblossom 3
some with grace wave and somethough tall are stiff

waving is lilac so is yellow corchorus
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waving is cherry blossom though notso graceful
as the spiry lilac and the hyacinth
stiff is the pear and nectron withthe peach
and apricot all these are stiff butin return
Their flowers are beautiful So
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are birds and beasts

As well as flowers Some arewild and cruel
Such is 4 the tiger panther lynxand ounce
So also in return these animals
Are pretty in the other sort the best 5
Some dogʼs 6 are ugly but conceal within
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Some godd 7 intentions good ideas goodthoughts
But spring there is one
that thoubringʼst forth


That is more beautiful than allthe others
This is the apple blossom. 8 O howsweet
Is that fine tree and so I end
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