"The foam globes round come riding fast" ["The Source of the Arveron"] [poem]
THE foam‐globes round come riding fast, 1
Like snow upon the eddies cast.
Forth from his cold and silent tomb,
Forth flies the river from the gloom. 2
The bars that echoed to his roaring—
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Those icy bars have burst before him.
And now his chafèd surges see
Bound high in laughing liberty!
Oh, frigidly the glacier pale
Bears broadly to the nether vale!
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Right in his cliffy, shivered side
Yawneth a chasm high and wide,
And from the portal arched and strong
Springs gladsome forth the Arveron.
Seems it an ancient forteresse, b
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All shattered in its mightiness;
The higher towers all rent and riven—
The battlements are downward driven c
And, that its form thou now couldst trace,
Froze to a mighty wilderness: d
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And that, its portal vast and old,
All archèd by the crisp ice cold,
And through whose chasms of paly green
The shivery sunshine shot between,
Or trembling with a meteor light,
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Or dancing in the billows bright,
Smiling ethereally through
The ghost‐lights of the crystal blue.