"The Meuse" [poem]
The sky was clear, the morn was gay
In promise of a cloudless day
Fresh flew the breeze, with whose light wing
Aspen and oak were quivering
From flowʼret dank it dashed the dew
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The harebell bent its blossom blue,
And from the Meuse the mistwreaths 1 grey
That morning breeze had swept away
Showing such scenes as well might seem
The fairy vision of a dream 2
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For changing still, and still as fair
Rock, wave, and wood were mingled there
Peak over peak, fantastic ever
The lofty crags deep chasms sever.
And grey and gaunt their lichened head
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Rose sheerly from the rivers bed 3
Whose mantling wave in foamy sheet
Their stern projecting bases beat,
And lashed to fury in his pride
In circling whirlpools swept the tide
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As threatening, on some future day
Those mighty rock a to tear away
What though their front should seem to be
A barrier, to eternity 4
And on its side the cliffs between
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Were mazy forests ever seen
That the tall cliffs steep flanks so grey
Were clothed in mantle green and gay
Long time along that dell so deep
Beside the rivers bed we sweep
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So steep the mighty crests inclined
None other pathway you might find
Till the tall cliffs gigantic grace
To undulating hills gave place
And vineyards clothe the bending brow
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ʼStead of the clinging copsewood now