"The Rhine" [poem]
The Rhine a 1
We saw it where its billow swells
Beneath the ridge of Drachenfells 2
We saw it where its ripples ride
Neath Ehrenbreitsteinʼs beetling pride
We saw it where its whirlpools roar
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Among the rocks of gaunt St Goar
In all its aspect is as fair
That aspect changes everywhere
From Rhetian and Dinaric crest 3
Foam the wild wild waters to the west b
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From fearful Splugens glaciered head
The mighty torrent dashes dread
And swelled by every Alpine snow
Now see it chase these clffs below
On whose high summits deeply rent
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Rise many a fortress battlement
Seeming the lords of rock & hill
And mighty in their ruin still.
 1833. c