Lesley Sekulich

March 30, 2015:
9:30 AM      Student Presentations in the Student Union Theater.
11:00 AM    Q&A with Yiyun Li in the Student Union Theater.
2:00 PM      Panel on Publishing with Yiyun Li, Briged Hughes, Vanessa Hutchinson, and Thomas Keith.
6:30 PM      Reading and Q&A with Yiyun Li in the Student Union Theater.

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On Bhansali’s “The Elegant Image” Exhibition
Sarah Drago

"The Elegant Image," showcased at the New Orleans Museum of Art, exhibits Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain Bronzes from the India Subcontinent in the Siddharth K. Bhansali collection. Companion to these bronze pieces are selections of history as well as the culture’s modern religious perceptions. Upon arriving to the exhibition, one is immediately immersed in the spiritual transcendence of the indigenous population’s religious..>>
Executive Editor

Home is where the art is. This mantra is something I keep in the back of my mind while exploring the creative works of others and writing my own. The essence of the artist in their own work is a direct result of what they know and their position on its significance. People remember home, whether the memories are..>>