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December 2017
Now Available: 19th Century Studies, Vol. 27.

The cover of NCS Volume 27

February 2017
Now Available: 19th Century Studies, Vol. 26.

The cover of NCS Volume 26

March 7, 2013
NCS introduces new online reviews feature. See online reviews.

March 1, 2011
NCSA introduces new Nineteenth Century Studies journal Web site.

March 15, 2010
Now Available: 19th Century Studies, Vol. 22.

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The Albert Memorial

The images for this website are drawn from the Alebert Memorial, the monument to Albert, Prince Consort of Queen Victoria of England, situated in Kensington Gardens, London. As an opulent example of the Gothic Revival designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott—architect of so many imposing monuments to mid-Victorian culture, such as St. Pancras Railway Station and the Colonial Office in Whitehall—the Albert Memorial is a fitting emblem of the Nineteenth Century Studies Association. Although its representations risk identifying NCS and NCSA to strongly with Britain and with the middle of the century, the Memorial's design strikingly embodies the interdisciplinary mission of the journal and the organization.