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Fall 2020
Starting with Volume 32, the NCS staff and the NCSA board are excited for our publication to join the Journals Division of Pennsylvania State University Press.
Spring 2020
Spring 2020: Despite stay-at-home restrictions due to COVID-19, NCS staff continues working through the final stages of producing volume 31. Once printed, however, the issue must await safe conditions for the staff to prepare the mailing. We thank contributors and readers for your patience.
NCS will be joining the Journal Division of Pennsylvania State University Press, beginning with Volume 32.
Fall 2019
Volume 30, Special Issue "Assembly," available.

The cover of NCS Volume 30

Spring 2019
Volume 29 available.

The cover of NCS Volume 29

April 2018

Call for Submissions: Special Issue of NCS on "Patchwork, Cut-and-Paste, Reassembly"

This special issue will focus on ideas of reuse and recombination. How were bits and scraps of materials, textual and otherwise, reassembled into new forms in the nineteenth century? To what ends? Essays might consider these issues in relation to images, fabrics, texts, and more. Possible topics could include scrapbooks, patchwork, quotation, citation, illustration, and any and all forms of recombination. Approaches from all disciplines, including literature, art history, history, music, and the history of science and the social sciences, are welcome, as are submissions that cross national boundaries and/or range across the nineteenth century. One particularly exciting feature of Nineteenth-Century Studies is thatthe journal encourages authors to enhance their contributions with pertinent artwork.

Please submit manuscripts of 8,000-12,000 words, following NCS's submission guidelines to guest editor Casie LeGette at legette@uga.edu. Early expressions of interest and proposals of topics are also welcome. The deadline for submissions of full manuscripts is August 1, 2018, but review will begin May 1, 2018 and earlier submissions are encouraged.

December 2017

Now Available: 19th Century Studies, Vol. 27.

The cover of NCS Volume 27

February 2017

Now Available: 19th Century Studies, Vol. 26.

The cover of NCS Volume 26

March 7, 2013
NCS introduces new online reviews feature. See online reviews.
March 1, 2011
NCSA introduces new Nineteenth Century Studies journal Web site.
March 15, 2010
Now Available: 19th Century Studies, Vol. 22.


Nineteenth Century Studies Staff


DAVID C. HANSON Senior Editor; Head and Professor of English

JENNIFER HAYWARD Co-Head and Professor of English

KIMBERLY JO STERN Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature

SARAH WADSWORTH Professor of English

Exhibitions Review Editor

MARIA P. GINDHART Associate Professor of Art History

Editorial Assistant

SAMANTHA PERTUIT  Department of English, Southeastern Louisiana University
Department of English
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA 70402
Tel: 985.549.2100
Fax: 985.549.5021
Email: ncs@selu.edu

Production Editor

DAVID ARMAND Instructor of English, Southeastern Louisiana University
Department of English
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA 70402


Joseph H. Brown
Two Black Dogs

Technical Consultant

JOEL FREDELL Professor of English, Southeastern Louisiana University
Department of English
Southeastern Louisiana University
Hammond, LA 70402

Emeritus Editors

SUZANNE OZMENT NCS Editor, 1987–1996, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina

PATRICIA O’HARA NCS Editor, 1997–2000, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

JADVIGA M. DA COSTA NUNES Exhibitions Review Editor, 1993–2006, Department of Art; Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania

Nineteenth Century Studies Editorial Board

SARAH LEA BURNS Art History, Indiana University
SILVANA COLELLA Modern Language and Literature, University of Macerata
ROBERT CRAIG Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology
TRACY C. DAVIS Theater, Northwestern University
THOMAS DIXON History, Queen Mary, University of London
MARK FROST English, University of Portsmouth
BARBARA GATES Emerita, English, University of Delaware
VINCENT GIROUD French, University of Paris, Sorbonne
THOMAS GREY Music, Stanford University
ELIZABETH K. HELSINGER English & Art History, University of Chicago
KATHLEEN MCCORMACK Emerita, English, Florida International University
WALTER BENN MICHAELS English, University of Illinois at Chicago
CLAUDIA NELSON English, Texas A&M University
TALIA SCHAFFER English, Queens College, City University of New York
MICHAEL SCRIVENER English, Wayne State University
MARGARET D. STETZ English, University of Delaware
SHARON ARONOFSKY WELTMAN English, Louisiana State University
ALEXANDRA K. WETTLAUFER French and Comparative Literature, University of Texas
LAURA M. WHITE English, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
JULIA M. WRIGHT English, Dalhousie University
MARNIN YOUNG Art History, Yeshiva University
LINDA ZATLIN English, Morehouse College